Heath and the Sydney CDI 2011

by Sharon Carroll | May 2, 2011

Well Sydney CDI 2011 was probably a show Heath would rather forget!

Firstly let me clarify the reason behind Heath and Regardez Moi's score of 59.2% in the Grand Prix Freestyle on Saturday night. We have received numerous emails and phone calls saying "the judges got it wrong!", well in fact in this instance even Heath will agree that the judges essentially got it right. I will insert a quote now directly from a reply Heath wrote to one of those emails. "I am still recovering from depression from last night but what you don’t realise is that it was all self-inflicted. In the freestyle there are a certain number of movements you just have to incorporate and that includes canter pirouettes both to the right and to the left. Regardez Moi is really good at pirouettes when behaving and I always do double pirouettes which are considered very difficult. Well last night I did a pretty good double pirouette to the right but completely forgot any pirouettes to the left. It doesn’t matter how much the judges liked me they had to give me a zero for that movement. That equates into a disaster of a score. Mind you it wasn’t my greatest test anyway but I do only have myself to blame. That really hurts."...

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