Our Sponsors

Here at Ryans we are proudly supported by the following compaines. 

Pryde's EasiFeed - Posts | Facebook Pryde's have supported Ryans feeding needs formulating balanced diets that keep our horses in top condition and able to compete at the top in Eventing and Dressage. 
USEA Announces New Partnership with Bates Saddles, the Official ... Bates Saddles have been a long time supporter of Heath and Rozzie Ryan. Heath and Rozzie ride exclusively in Bates saddles with the only dressage saddle to be seen at Ryans the Bates Innvoca with Extended Contourbloc and the jump saddles a combination of the Bates Victrix and Bates Advanta. 
Horseland Horseland supply Ryans with all their gear needs. Our horses are decked out in Horseland products and we love them. Horseland have been a supporter of Ryans for many years supplying the stables and riders with brilliant products. 
AIRR - Kelato Animal Health - AIRR Kelato Animal Health are partnering Ryan's Horses to meet our horses additional supplement needs. We need our horses to be in peak condition to perform at the very top and Kelato helps us achieve this. 
Ariat Logo - LogoDix Ariat supply Heath and Rozzie with their footwear needs. Heath and Rozzie love their Ariat boots and find them exceptionally comfortable and stylish. 
Gidgee Eyes Logo Gidgee Eyes supply Heath and Rozzie with the best sunglasses for Equestrians. They are comfortable and stylish. 
Equestrian Services are resposible for the surface in our indoor arena. It is in Heath's opinion the best surface in Australia being soft enough to avoid concussion, not too deep with the horses hooves sitting on top of the surface to avoid sports injuries and stable enough that it doesn't cut up and move too much with the high levels of traffic we have using it.