Cairo R

PPT to CF Freestyle due: 7/12/2023

Chestnut mare 16.2hh

Sire: Centadel
Dam: Sandon Grove Alice

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Dreaming R

PPT to BML Totality due: 7/01/2024

Black Filly mature 16.3hh


Sire: Drumming R    Dam: Jamie R

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Futuristic Luck

Sire: Bao Lack  Dam: Mazyooneh

Bay / Brown mare 16hh 


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Jaguar Calling R

PPT to CF Freestyle 21/02/2024

Chestnut Mare, 16.1hh

DOB: 26/1/2014

Sire: Jaguar Mail  Dam: Socialite R

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Jamie R

PPT to BML Totality due: 25/12/2023

Sire:  Jive Magic Dam: Regalia R

Bay mare 17hh


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Jellybean R

PPT to Drumming R due: 10/02/2024

Sire: Jive Magic  Dam: Labella

Chestnut Mare 16.3hh


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Jelly Tot R

Chestnut filly mature 16.1hh


Sire: BML Totality    Dam: Jellybean R

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Made R

Sire: Metall   Dam: Jade R 

Bay mare


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Milchomi R

Sire: Brilliant Invader  Dam: Bud

Brown mare 16hh 


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Nasturtium R

Chestnut Filly mature 16hh


Sire: MSJ Nemo    Dam: Sunflower R

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Nefrititi R

Black filly mature 16.1hh


Sire: MSJ Nemo    Dam: Queenallie R

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Queenallie R

PPT to BML Totality due: 29/12/2023

Sire: Quando Quando (Imp)  Dam: Chatham Park Allie

Black mare


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Quinta R

PPT to BML Totality due 13/12/2023

Brown Filly mature 17.2hh


Sire: Questing R    Dam: Risque R

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Quoge R

Chestnut mare 16.3hh 

DOB: 06/12/2017

Sire: Questing R  Dam: Rouge R

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Quokka R

PPT to Drumming R due: 19/01/2024

Brown mare 17hh 

DOB: 09/09/2017

Sire: Questing R  Dam: Jocelyn Brown R

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Reglisse R

Sire: Regardez Moi (imp)   Dam: Jellybean R 

Chestnut mare


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Random R

Bay Mare

DOB: 26/01/2012

Sire: Regardez Moi (imp)   Dam: Jandy R

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Slinky R

Bay mare 16.2hh

DOB: 1998

Sire: Salute   Dam: Lynx

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Thankful R

Chestnut Filly

DOB: 12/10/2020

Sire:  Total Hope  Dam:  Random R

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Tiger Lily R

PPT to Glamourdale due: 9/12/2023

Chestnut Filly

DOB: 21/11/2020

Sire: Total Hope    Dam: Quokka R

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