Boots Nitschke

Boots is Mary's very naughty Jack Russell puppy. Mary purchased Boots during Covid lockdowns so she is definitely a Covid puppy! Boots was named Boots because in her first three days at home, she managed to destroy two reasonably good pairs of work boots!

Boots is now 2 years old and is Barty Ryan's best friend. Boots is very versatile and has quite a few really good dog friends where Barty is a bit of a nerd and doesn't really have any other dog friends. Barty struggles to understand dog games. Barty and Boots do have some great games which they play again and again and again. However, Barty gets confused if the rules change at all. Boots is a natural socialiser and is always the centre of attention in a crowd both dogs and people. 

Boots is more than a little assertive as a character and will push people with her front legs if she feels she is being ignored and will push Barty's face sideways with her front legs if Barty is getting more attention than he really should be. Boots will scratch at the door quite loudly when she wants to get out and then again scratch at the door five minutes later when she wants to come in! Barty thinks this is great and follows her outside and then inside. 

Boots is always the last person to go to bed in the Ryan household. Once all the action has mellowed and dwindled, she will go to Mary's bedroom and demand to sleep with Mary preferably under the covers. Boots particularly likes the electric blanket in winter! 

Boots is hyperactive and quite creative in everyway, getting out of the yard and mucking out stables with the staff, getting out of the yard and chasing rabbits with Barty, getting out of the yard and endlessly following Mary around...sort of, getting out of the yard and moving sprinklers with Heath, and exploring feed rooms and tack rooms and looking for mice when bags are getting moved. 

Boots and Barty love to come in together from the stables of a morning with Rozzie to make coffee and cookies for the staff for morning tea each morning. 

Boots loves going in the car to places with Mary . 

Boots is a real character, a real extrovert, and brings a lot of internesting action especially of an evening when everyone at Ryans comes in for dinner.