Jenny Lamb

Jenny Lamb has been doing office work for Ryans since 2006. So for 18 years Jenny has been with Ryans. That is some record and hopefully she will stay with us for another 18 years! 

Jenny first became involved with Rozzie and Heath at Lochinvar in 1994 where she attended the instructors course for 24 weeks and passed and became an NCAS Level 1 instructor. She was at the time a Qualified Pony Club instructor. Actually she was the Pony Club Zone 25 Chief Instructor which is one of the biggest Zones in New South Wales and at the time this zone included Cessnock, Dungog, Bulahdelah, Mount Hutton and Nelson Bay. Jenny was the first person in Australia to have a dual coaching accreditation and so be qualified for Pony Club and a coach for The Equestrian Federation of Australia. Jenny was very involved back in the day with the evolving front lines of the Equestrian Sport in Australia. 

Back in the day, Jenny owned the bottle shop in Dungog and was also on the Dungog One Day Event committee. The Dungog One Day Event was held at Tabbil Creek which was a property owned and run by well known Polo Player, Jamie McKay and his sister, Margaret Pennyfather. The Tabbil Creek facility had one of those old original grandstands found at most agricultural show grounds with delicate cast iron scrolls under the eves of the roof and along the saftey fencing and guarding the staircases. Real heritage stuff.  This was a beautiful little heritage facility which hosted the Dungog One Day Event each year. It was definitely part of the Australian Eventing program that rumbled and grumbled along and gathered more and more enthusiasm and momentum and was very much a part of the culmination in Australia winning team and individual Gold Medals in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics. These gold medals came from Australian volunteers running similar events from show grounds and private properties and everyone doing the best they could. There was no government funding or High Performance managers or Team trainers or Team vets. Just volunteers and that was Jenny Lamb in a nutshell. Just for the record, Australia went to win team gold medals in 1996 at Atlanta and again in 2000 at Sydney Olympics. Three consecutive team gold medals. Never done by any nation in Olympic Eventing History before or since. 

Jenny started riding when she was five years of age and her first show was the Jugiong Gymkhana where she came third in her riding class. That was a brilliant result even if there were only three riders in the class!! 

Just going back a step to the Dungog bottle shop. There were lots of interesting people in Dungog and one of the bottle shops regular visitors was Kevin Bacon who is still probably the best Show Jumper that Australia has ever produced. He rode an amazing 15.3hh Australian Stock Horse which also came from Dungog called Chichester. Chichester was known as the 'Black Jumping Kangaroo' in the Northern Hemisphere and was an Australian legend the whole world over. 

Jenny's job description here at Ryans is official book keeper. This book keeping job description is fairly loose and also includes driving a car and horse float through the night to Melbourne or other distant destinations with horses on behind to Ryans' Auctions or Auction of the Stars and Stallion displays. Often these all night drives are in convoy with a couple of trucks and a number or cars and floats. Jenny is one of the main logistics organisers for these Auctions arranging the hire of marquees and chairs and tables and catering. Jenny herself will then be waiting on tables in the VIP section and also locating the winning bidders and recording their details. At the end of the Auctions, Jenny will be front desk with successful clients receiving invoices and paying for their purchases. Again in days gone by people would sometimes come in and pay for their purchase with tens of thousands of dollars in cash crammed into a handbag or similar!  

At the moment, Jenny is very involved with the development of a new Ryans Online Auction Platform that is coming soon and will be state of the art! 

Jenny in her late teens and early 20s, sailed 16ft skiffs on the Sydney Harbour and was very keen on racing. The 16 ft skiffs were very flighty according to Jenny. More recently, Jenny has traded these very fast little numbers in and races a Daydream Timber boat as per her profile photo which she describes as graceful racing! 

Jenny to this day still works hard and is really motivated by a challenge. She is perfect for Ryans.