Specialty Breeding

We here at Ryans are trying to stay on the cutting edge of the dressage and eventing genetics around the world. We have imported stallions from Europe to Australia in aid of this beginning with Ludendorf and Salute 30 years ago. The next pillars of the breeding program were Regardez Moi and Jive Magic who have had a huge influence on dressage genetics in Australia with many top dressage horses currently on the circuit carrying their bloodlines. We have again imported further stallions in Fiji R and MSJ Nemo. Both of whom have outstanding progeny and have been a great genetic outcross for our broodmare herd. Nowdays with the development of frozen semen we have moved towards using the top stallions in the world to put to our mares with some exciting genetics in dressage and eventing mixed in with our already top of the range bloodlines. 

We run a program of breeding using AI throughout each season and we have started to develop an embryo transfer program. The embryo transfer program allows us to ride our top quality mares and continue to school and compete them while also keeping their bloodlines. It also gives us a chance to use some of the best performing riding mares that would usually be missed as broodmares. We are excited to see some of the youngsters coming through from this program.