Tiani Stewart

Tiani Stewart is a young eventer who joined Ryans at the beginning of 2019 immediately on finishing year 12. Tiani had been here for several months and then was thrown in the deep end and taken to Kentucky three day event in the USA grooming for Hazel and WillingaPark Clifford. Tiani then had to stay in the USA with Clifford and look after him through his quarantine period in the States and then another quarantine period in New Zealand before getting back to Australia. Tiani was away for three months which was one heck of an adventure and a huge responsibility. Tiani performed outstandingly and Clifford arrived home in great shape. Clifford then recovered and reacclimitised to the southern hemisphere and then went forward to win the Adelaide 5* three day event in November 2019 for a record breaking third time. 

Tiani has two horses in work. Her first horse is JE Blues who in an earlier life performed at 3* level eventing with Sam Fasher here on the NSW circuit. JE Blues was then sold through the Auction of the Stars here at Ryans where Tiani's mum and dad saw him and bought him for Tiani. To start with JE Blues was an awkward purchase! Tiani lived at Port Macquarie and JE Blues would chase the farrier out of the paddock. He was a very unsuitable Pony Club horse. As mentioned above, Tiani came to work at Ryans in 2019 and JE Blues came with her. He was a tough customer but Tiani was determined and didn't give up. JE Blues has caused a lot of tears over the years but today (updating this write up 27/12/2023) JE Blues and Tiani are competing at medium level Dressage and 4* Eventing which is completely unbelievable and the perfect schoolmaster story. JE Blues is now 20 years of age and going better than ever. Of course the fact that in the not too distant future JE Blues will retire but right now, he is on fire. JE Blues will tell us when he has had enough but certainly in the early parts of 2024, Tiani and JE Blues will be competing at 4* eventing level. This is the level from which the Olympic teams are selected and every start that Tiani and JE Blues can happily compete in, is pure gold. JE Blues owes Tiani nothing and has way exceeded our most optimisitc hopes.  

Tiani has a second horse called Mallyon Hills Clair de Lune. Clair was bought through the Auction of the Stars by Tiani's mother for herself. Not Tiani! Clair is by Wimborne Constable who is currently the only stallion in Australia who is competing at 4* level eventing. Of course Tiani's mum allowed Tiani to try Clair out over some jumps and low and behold Clair is a brilliant jumper. So that was the end of Tiani's mum owning a new horse and Clair is now very much a part of Tiani's team for the future! Tiani has now been riding Clair for the last 3 years and she has evolved into a spectacular jumper being very comfortable up to and including 1.40m when schooling at home. Clair is also very comfortable in all of the two track work in the Dressage arena and comfortable with flying changes. She is a very talented individual. Thank goodness for mum buying a quiet young horse! 

Tiani during the stud season is the anchor person here at Ryans who keeps the records, organises for our vet, Dr Peter Tabak to be out here follicle testing and preg testing pretty much every second day including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. In the last few years we have used quite a lot of frozen semen from stallions in the Northern Hemisphere and this process is all about absolute accuracy and detail. Peter Tabak is a genuis and Tiani is a complete 'stresser' and does not leave one stone unturned! As a result we do have a fantastic record with frozen semen and getting all sorts of mares in foal. Through the most bizarre circumstances, which revolved around major flooding two years ago we did get Socialite in foal to frozen semen. Socialite was 27 years of age at the time. I think that must nearly be a world record. She had that foal which was a beautiful filly by Chris Chugg's, Diamant de Semilly stallion, CF Freestyle. Thank you Peter and thank you Tiani. Tiani also spends a lot of time packaging and shipping chilled semen all over Australia from our stallions based here at Ryans. Tracking these consignments and keeping courier companies delivering on time to time sensitive destinations which means mares about to ovulate, on the other side of Australia is a really big and difficult job. 

Tiani is fascinated by the breeding of state of the art Olympic discipline horses and of course has her own little program going crazy as well. This year, Tiani has two spectacularly bred Jive Magic mares in foal to the World Dressage Champion, Glamourdale. Tiani is very excited about that. Tiani has a young gelding who was an Embryo Transfer by Balou du Rouet out of Clair de Lune. He is called Bentley and does take some managing becuase he just thinks it is funny to pop across all of our fences at any time he pleases. Everyone has a complete heart attack when he does this but so far, he has never touched a fence. We do try and anchor Bentley down in a paddock with an old minder maybe broodmare or retired gelding who is too old to want to get excited and gallop around the paddock of an evening when the temperatures drop a little bit and it is natural to just have high spirits! Tiani also has a beautiful filly called EH Belenois Calypso TSE who is by Calgary GNZ out of a Contenda x Copabella Visage mare. Tiani is intending to put Calypso in foal this season to either Balou du Rouet or Quintago. Oh my goodness what a fantastic collection of horses Tiani has in the making! 

Tiani has been here at Ryans for nearly 5 years at the time of writing and is a very competent professional rider. Not only is she schooling and competing at 4* level Eventing, but she is also training dressage horses and competing them up to and including Advanced Dressage competitions. This year 2024, should see Tiani competing in Prix St George and Intermediate 1 levels. Tiani is already schooling horses through piaffe and passage and we would be expecting Tiani to be a full blown Grand Prix Dressage rider by the end of 2025. In Pony Club, Tiani always thought of herself as a Show Jumper. Currently she is completely immersed in Eventing and Dressage. However, once and sometimes twice a week we will school straight Show Jumping here at Ryans and Tiani will jump both JE Blues and Clair de Lune over big fences up to and including 1.40m. Olympic Show Jumping needs riders to be very competent over 1.60m which is actually a much bigger jump up in standard than what you would think it is from a 1.40m horse. Nevertheless, Tiani is now popping over very serious fences and I am sure that if she wanted to, she could realistically also focus up on Show Jumping and move up into the top grades. Tiani is a very talented young rider here at Ryans who is one day soon going to be recognised amongst our top Australian riders.