Georgia O'Meara

Georgia O'Meara started work here at Ryans at the beginning of November 2020. Georgia comes from Albany, Western Australia where she has grown up with horses and her Mum carting her all over the West Coast of Western Australia going to Equestrian competitions. Most of Georgia's focus has always been Eventing and Georgia has been inspired by the Western Australian Bejing Olympic Team Silver Medallist, Sonja Johnston who is also based near Albany on a sheep station close by. 

At the time of updating (26/12/2023) the Georgia O'Meara profile, Georgia has been here at Ryans for just over three years. Georgia came with her horse, Wamarapark Everasready, better known as Reggie to us around the stables. Reggie is a really tall chestnut thoroughbred who to start with would do most of his flatwork with his tongue hanging out. Georgia was very enthusiastic about Reggie and loved Reggie so none of us had the heart to tell her that a flapping tongue will be marked really badly in the Dressage arena and will probably never ever improve. Well we were wrong. It's been three years but as Reggie goes better and better and more and more on the bit, he spends less and less time with his tongue out. Without doubt, Reggie is in the near future going to do complete tests with his tongue in a 100% normal position and not flapping at all. Quite a miracle. Right from the start, Reggie could jump a house! He has so much jumping in to the air talent that it is seriously something to see. He does not want to touch a rail so he is very careful. The problem is to start with Reggie would jump with his front legs very open and so have to jump almost a metre higher than the fence so as not to touch it. At the end of the day, horses that do this end up frightening themselves as the fences get bigger and bigger. It has taken some time but Reggie has worked out how to fold his front legs these days and in moments he will jump very classically. This has changed his prospect for a very serious career at the top in Eventing. Georgia and Reggie are a jumping sensation. Also courtesy of Reggie being a straight thoroughbred, both Georgia and Reggie are more likely to have time penalties in the baby grades due to them going too fast! Reggie and Georgia are about to start 2024 in 2* and we think by the end of 2024, Reggie and Georgia will have moved up to 3*. It has taken nearly three years to get everything resorted and put in order however, this slow and steady approach when done well always experiences momentum or the snowballing effect. Reggie and Georgia are really on top of the world now and will start to flex muscle in the star classes this year. Very exciting. 

Georgia has her own exciting young horse which is about to start tracking in behind Reggie. The horse's name is Wamarapark Summer Sun or Milo for short. Milo has some of the most sought after jumping bloodlines in the world running through his body. Milo's father is Somerset D'Isle who stands at the Isle of Wight farm owned by legend, David Quick. Somerset D'Isle is by Diarado and out of a Balou du Rouet mare. Such fancy breeding! Milo's mother is a thoroughbred so very fancy Eventing breeding. Milo is 17.1hh and is 5 years of age. He is reasonably quiet, has a magnificent jump and does move on the flat. Milo is very careful over his fences and has already started competing in 60cm Eventing classes and Show Jumping up to 80cm. Very early days but as far as we can see a very promising young horse. 

At home in Western Australia, Georgia's Mum, Bernadette, is very interested in breeding and does have some fabulous genetics happening over there at Albany. Georgia has a colt by Limant W who is closely related to Explosion who is the Individual Gold Show Jumping Medallist from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Georgia also has a filly by Balou du Rouet out of a Thoroughbred mare that Georgia evented up to CCN1*S. Both of these foals are very fancily bred through frozen semen from the best stallions in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Georgia is naturally a quiet relentless rider and this approach combined with a very patient approach has been used here at Ryans with Georgia specialising in young difficult horses that are sometimes sent to us for schooling. She has had some very remarkable success stories with horses that had really lost the plot and bucked to the point where professional breakers would not get on them. Because of the risk involved with this sort of business, we are very consciously moving away from this line of business however, watching Georgia at work on some of these horses has been inspirational. It has been life saving for the horses. 

In the last year, Georgia has turned her hand to training young horses for Ryans and Ryans clients up to and including flying changes and canter pirouettes and shoulder in and half pass. Again this is a very specialist area and again Georgia's relentless and quiet approach is proving very successful. Once a horse has the two track work and flying changes they are pretty well ready to think about competing at Medium level Dressage which is the halfway mark to Grand Prix Dressage. Medium level Dressage is also the standard that Olympic Eventers will compete at. So this level of Dressage training does make a very realistic contribution to an Event rider who is destiny bound for 4* and 5* Eventing and of course this leads on to competing in Olympic Trials with a view to riding for your country. Georgia is making no apologies about the fact that she has riding for Australia at the Olympics her ultimate goal!

At the moment we would expect Georgia and Reggie to be competing in the final Australian Olympic trials for Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.