Coolness R

Chestnut Stallion mature 16.2hh


Sire: Chilli Morning    Dam: Conspire R

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Coolness R is our baby eventing stallion of the future for whom we have the highest hopes. Bred in the purple and if breeding has anything to do with it, Coolness R is heading towards the Brisbane 2032 Olympics!! Coolness R is a beautiful looking young stallion with lots and lots of bling. A big white blaze and lovely big white legs. He is very flash. Coolness R has a great personality and is just the quietest stallion ever. He has just been broken in by Tiani Stewart who works here at Ryan's and we are so so impressed. Coolness R has seriously beautiful paces and without question it is our opinion he will lead the dressage in most of his competition career! That is a big statement but he is seriously so quiet, so beautiful to look at and has the most magnificent paces which makes him super competition compatible. He is so fancy that we also expect he will be very successful in just straight dressage. Coolness R starts with a huge advantage when it comes to the dressage phase. Coolness R has been freeschooled a couple of times now, and he is yet to have a rail down! That is a very unusual boast at this early stage of training. Most horses will have a couple of rails down just until they learn where their legs are and then if they are talented, will they start leaving the rails up. We are completely taken by surprise by the fact that Coolness R didn't wait to touch any rails before he was super careful. Coolness R has a classical bascule over the fences with a sharp, good technique front leg action. He opens up and kicks behind over the fences just naturally and is super cool approaching the fence. So far he has never stopped or tried to stop, and is in our opinion, Coolness R is extraordinarily brave. We can't believe it and when something is too good to be true, it usually is. Nevertheless, we are reporting in on Coolness R as it is right this moment. Extraordinarily exciting!

Coolness R is by Chilli Morning who is best known for being the only stallion in the world to win the Badminton 5* three day event in 2015 with William Fox-Pitt. Chilli Morning also won an individual bronze medal at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. Chilli Morning is the sire of Chilli Knight who won the Bicton 5*L Three Day Event in 2021. Chilli Morning also has another five 4* horses competing in the Northern Hemisphere and lots and lots of youngsters coming up through the grades. Chilli Morning himself is by the thoroughbred, Phantomic, which will explain a lot of his speed and stamina. Chilli Morning is out of the Kolibri mare, Koralle. Koralle is trakhener with a thoroughbred grand sire. Clearly the spectacular paces belonging to Chilli Morning are coming from the trakhener influence and the galloping and endurance is coming from the thoroughbred blood. 

Coolness R is out of the Wimborne Constable mare, Conspire R. Conspire R had the foal, Coolness R as a young mare and then she was broken in and started training with a competition career in mind. Conspire R was in training with Heath Ryan in the saddle and did have fabulous paces and a super jump which also was beyond belief careful. We were very excited about Conspire R. Unfortunately, Conspire R has since had a paddock accident and had to be put down. This was a great loss. Hopefully, Coolness R will make sure that his mother, Conspire R is not forgotten. Conspire R is by Wimborne Constable who was the only stallion eventing at 4* level in Australia leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the only stallion to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The mother of Conspire R is Red Legs R who is by Regardez Moi. So, Red Legs R is the mother of Conspire R and is also the mother of Bronze Boy R, who is currently Heath's young 4* eventer. Just to complicate things more, Aspire R who was also a 4* eventer that Heath produced and was sold to the USA is out of the thoroughbred mare, The Temptress who is also the mother of Red Legs R. So The Temptress is the great great Grandmother of Coolness R. The Temptress was also a 4* eventer with Kate Chadderton. Anyway, the mother line of Coolness R represents five solid generations of 4* eventers. This will be a collection of eventing genetics probably not equalled by any individual anywhere in the world. 

At this stage, we are planning on keeping Coolness R a stallion and campagining him to also be a 5* eventer. If everything goes well, Coolness R will be in his absolute peak in 2032 at the Brisbane Olympic Games. Certainly, Coolness R should also be putting his hand up for the 2030 World Equestrian Championships. We have big plans for this young stallion.

  • Pedigree
Chilli Morning Phantomic xx Secreto xx
Pantomime xx
Koralle Kolibri
Conspire R Wimborne Constable  Contenda 
Wimborne Paint it Black
Red Legs R Regardez Moi (imp)
The Temptress xx