Breeding at Ryan's

REGARDEZ MOI and JIVE MAGIC along with stallions imported in previous years by Heath & Rozzie (LUDENDORF, SALUTE, DON RAMIRO, RICHMEED MEDALLION), have helped evolve a broodmare herd of some 60 mares. These mares have been carefully bred, performance tested and evolved by Heath and Rozzie over the past 30 years. These mares are Heath's pride & joy and until now have pretty much been kept secret. They are a life's work and we would argue probably represent the most advanced breeding programme in the world focused on offspring specifically genetically organised for Grand Prix Dressage.

They are not focused on young dressage horse classses, they are not focused on stallion licencing, these goals according to us are very different and very much at odds with producing Grand Prix youngsters for the Olympics.

Each year, the Ryans offer about 30 exclusive young stock and a handful of exceptional mares usually in foal for sale via Auction of the Stars or by private sale. Most of Australia's established Grand Prix riders have one or more youngsters from the Ryan Broodmare band.

More and more people are recognising that producing a horse takes enormous TLC, passion and dedication and unfortunately in most instances most horses just cannot train on to the top levels. This is no reflection of the riders being lacking in any shape or form. In the past everyone has excused the horse on the assumption that the riders were lacking. This has proven to not be the case. The problem is to have a horse who is born with the vocabulary/spectrum and aptitude to embrace both mentally and physically the discipline of Grand Prix. This is a genetic thing. Australian riders are as natural a horseman as there exists anywhere in the world. We believe that Gold Medals in the Olympics in Dressage is a self fulfilling prophecy for Australia. Put some of the best natural horseman in the world on horses which are genetically more likely to perform at Grand Prix than almost any other horse in the world and the result will be Gold Medals. Australians have dominated the Olympics and Gold Medals in the Eventing disciplines for the past two decades and this is courtesy to a very similar phenomena of highly suitable horses and very competitive natural horseman.

All of this information on the stallions we hope you find of interest. We understand that many of you are viewing this information from different perspectives and this includes interested parties who are involved with breeding young stock for commercial purposes, performance purposes, sending mares to the stallions, sourcing young stallions with a view to setting up their own programs, interested in fillies for their genetic worth, interested competition riders sorting through each years drop of foals searching for a Gold Medal and interested individuals looking at working pupil opportunities doing a season of stud work learning the ropes involved with follicle testing, preg testing, foaling down, and preparing weanlings for auctions.

To all of you please contact us for more information.