AOS Horses Going Gang Busters

by Heath Ryan | June 10, 2015

AOS Horses Going Gang Busters

Welcome to our Auction of the Stars (AOS) July 25/26. We are always reinventing ourselves and this year we bring some new stallions to the performance arena and each stallion will auction off two service fees without reserve. This will mean some very cheap service fees to some sensational stallions.  AOS historically has a very clear record of presenting stallions that do go on to be Australian icons and who do have genetics to impact on our future. This focus on genetics and the fact that this consideration materialises into performance has over the years very much been an AOS thing! Without question we were before our time, however today these philosophies are clear for all to see and the top riders and those that are going to become top riders are very influenced by their evaluation of the genetics of the horses they are buying. Leading out the charge of the stallion presentation is Regardez Moi who was one of those young stallions presented many years ago with impeccable bloodlines. Today he is a legend in his own right being the most winning Grand Prix stallion ever in Australian history and although he is now 19 years of age he is also the reigning Australian Grand Prix Dressage Champion. This is the third time he has held this title!

This auction is full of young horses which are not necessarily going to be very expensive. Right now the Australian one day even champion is Don Skipcello with Murry Lampard who was sold through the auction as an unbroken two year old for $2,600!! In actual fact for those of you who are prepared to do your homework you will realise that horses sold at the auction do end up in hindsight being incredibly cheap.

The hype and the glamour and the requirement of on the spot decisions does make most people a little nervous. Understandable. As a result of this it does take many of our buyers a second or third visit before they purchase. Also interesting to note is that a high percentage of our buyers are purchasing horses for the second or third time. Once people get over the pressure and different buying environment we do deliver and our buyers come back. Without question we go out of our way to be genuine and also to look after buyers after the fact.

Horses purchased through the auction who do return to the market in future days have a clear record of returning bigger prices than what they were originally bought for. People do instinctively think that at an auction everyone gets carried away and you end up paying more than the horse is worth. Honestly, when you think that everyone else is stupid and you are the only person in the world that is sensible then you know you are not being realistic. People at the auction have a good and guarded estimation of what they think a horse is worth. They are not stupid and simply stop bidding once a horse goes through their budget or exceeds their opinion of its valuation. Check the records.

Horses at the AOS represent wonderful value for money and more than any other single source we do produce horses who go on to perform outstandingly whether it be for local competitions and enjoyment or a rider with Olympic aspirations.

Good Luck.



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